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WordsToHelpYouFly About the brand


February 28th, 2021. The day that changed my life. I woke up that morning unaware that evening I was going to make a decision that was going to change my life. Leading up to that day, my desire for advocating for mental health awareness and speaking about the way the worst parts of my life created the best ones was something growing at a rapid rate. 

The evening of the 28th, I found myself in my usual spot, sitting at my desk with my laptop, with an itch to create something inspirational. That night the first ever post that read “Speak it into existence” was made and Words To Help You Fly was born. Initially, I had no idea what I wanted the brand to be. All I knew is that I needed to create a space that promoted the importance of mental health and placed emphasis on individuals having the ability to become the best versions of themselves.

WordsToHelpYouFly Design

As time went on and the brand grew, there was a question that continued to appear; “Why this?”. Initially, I didn’t know how to answer that question. I knew that this question was far deeper than the surface level answer of “I just like design and want to make an impact on the world”. If the answer was that simple, I knew this wouldn’t be something I would do. Words To Help You Fly threw me into the deep end. After a deep dive into my subconscious mind, I found the answer to the question I so desperately needed to answer. 

Words To Help You Fly targets a younger version of myself. 


The bright colours represent my constant desire for success, endless optimism, and my ability to always seeing the glass half full rather than half empty. The posts read things that my younger self so desperately needed to hear but never did. They are the things she needed to hear when she was in a room full of people but still felt so alone. 


Words To Help You Fly is my gift to my younger self. It's far greater than a brand, it’s a movement. Changing the way, we think allows for better chapters to begin, and if that means a simple Instagram post is going to aid that change. Fulfilled would be an understatement.

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